AISI S-7

    Technical Data

    Precision Flat Ground Stock: Standard Tolerances
    • Thickness +/- 0.001"
      Width + 0.000/0.005"
      Length + 0.250/0.500"
      Squareness 0.003" per inch
    Precision Flat Ground Stock: Oversize Tolerances
    • Thickness +0.010/.015"
      Width +0.010/.015"
      Length +0.250/.500"
      Squareness 0.003" per inch
    Drill Rod Tolerances
    • Diameter 0.124" and smaller +/- 0.0003
      Diameter .125 to .499 +/-.0005
      Diameter .5 to 2.0” +/-.001
      All Lengths +.125/-.000


    AISI S-7

    S7 steel is a specialty shock steel that is typically used for products that take impact, such as knives. It is typically hardened to 55-57 RC. It does not have the wear resistance of the other tool steels but has the ability to withstand impact.

    Available in 18” and 36” lengths.

    Typical Chemistry
    C 0.53
    Si 0.30
    Mn 0.70
    Cr 3.20
    Mo 1.50
    S 0.005 max
    Tempering Curve Graph

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