Metal Additive Manufacturing Powders

    BPP is excited to expand our product offering to include Metal Additive Manufacturing Powders.  We offer the widely used 718 (UNS N07718) and Maraging Steel (18Ni 300, DIN 1.2709) with particle size distribution 15-45 µm, in 10kg containers for immediate delivery at our always competitive prices.

    718 (UNS No7718)

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    Maraging Steel (18Ni 300, DIN 1.2709)

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    UNS N07718 powder is a nickel-based superalloy powder. Parts manufactured from UNS N07718 can be hardened by precipitation strengthening heat treatments. UNS N07718 parts are widely applied into aerospace and oil & gas applications.

    Parts made from UNS N07718 are suitable for:

    • High tensile, fatigue and creep properties at both ambient and elevated temperatures.
    • Good corrosion resistance

    Gas atomized maraging steel 1.2709 has chemical composition corresponding to 18Ni 300 maraging steel.

    Powder is produced on latest atomization techniques and tested in-house. Vacuum induction melting and atomization under inert gas ensure the highest product quality.

    Parts made from Maraging Steel are suitable for:

    • Tooling (e.g. aluminium die casting)
    • Series-production parts
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Aerospace.


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